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You never want to see the flashing lights in the rearview mirror, especially if you have been drinking. It inevitably means a whole host of problems are coming to you. It is a hassle, it’s embarrassing, and it’s incredibly expensive. In addition to the time spent that evening with police, you are now faced with many hours spent in court and with lawyers, as well as a fun time at the DMV attempting to get your license back. The cost of an ignition interlock device.

You may also be required to install an ignition interlock device in your car to get your license back sooner or at all. Connected directly to your vehicle’s ignition system, an ignition interlock device is a breathalyzer that measures the level of alcohol in your breath. Even though it may sound like getting an ignition interlock installed in your car is a huge hassle, the cost of an ignition interlock is still more affordable than not having one installed, and getting caught driving without a license.

Driving Without a License Isn’t Worth the Risk

There is no doubt those flashing lights mean a lot of time and a lot of money. However, trying to skirt the system is bound to cost you more. Driving without a license is terribly risky and very stressful. It is really not a matter of if you will get caught, but when. Even if your buddy knows a guy who knows a guy that got away with it for years, you will almost certainly get caught. It is also difficult to maneuver in the world without a license. Everything from getting a hotel room to getting a passport is much more difficult without a license.

If you are wondering how to get around ignition interlock devices, you too will almost certainly get caught. In both cases, you can very easily wind up with permanent license revocation. It is far better to simply handle the cost of an ignition interlock, deal with the consequences as they come, and get it all over with as soon as possible.

Find Out What Your State Requires

Every state has its own laws regarding DUI or DWI, so it is wise to do some research to find out what may be required of you to get your license back. Some states require ignition interlock devices after a first offense, while others simply offer an ignition interlock license to allow you to get back behind the wheel sooner. Some states require you to keep the ignition interlock device in your vehicle for a period of time after your license is no longer suspended.

There are also a number of different circumstances that can lead to an ignition interlock program. Many states make it a more serious offense if a minor under a certain age is in the vehicle. Find out more about the specific laws of your state.

Get Rid of the Installation Headache With RoadGuard Interlock

It will never be your favorite experience, but it does not have to be horrible either. At RoadGuard Interlock, while we cannot make your court case any easier, we can certainly help ease the cost and installation hassle of your ignition interlock device. We also carry top-of-the-line devices to help you avoid the hassles of inferior devices. While the costs of fees and servicing vary from state to state, we strive to be very transparent about our ignition interlock pricing. Our highly trained staff is friendly and here to help through every step of the process, and our ignition interlock devices are extremely high quality and very reasonably priced. Please contact us for more information on how we can make your life a little easier.

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