Here at RoadGuard Interlock, lives matter.

At the heart of Ignition Interlock, you’ll find RoadGuard. Here, our teams are empowered to maximize the success of our customers, our employees and our communities. Proudly working together as one place that contributes to a healthier today and tomorrow, we all have the power to shape the future of Ignition Interlock.

Careers at RoadGuard

Working for RoadGuard Interlock can offer several compelling benefits and opportunities. As a company specializing in ignition interlock devices, we play a crucial role in promoting road safety and responsible driving. Employees in our organization have the unique chance to contribute to public safety and well-being, making a positive impact on society.

The work involves cutting-edge technology and provides a platform for innovation and creativity in engineering and software development. Furthermore, as part of a field that intersects law, technology, and automotive safety, working with us at RoadGuard Interlock can be a great career move for those interested in these areas. The company likely offers a dynamic work environment, opportunities for professional growth, and the satisfaction of knowing that one’s work helps keep roads safer. Additionally, being part of an organization that provides essential safety services could offer a stable and rewarding career path.