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If you or a loved one is required by law to get an ignition interlock device, you may be daunted by the various fees involved. You are probably asking yourself questions such as “How much does an ignition interlock device cost?” and “Where can I get an interlock installation near me?” At RoadGuard Interlock, we understand that this is a trying time and we strive to provide you with an affordable solution so you can get through your ignition interlock requirement and get you back on the road. Read on to find out more about what to expect as you shop around for an interlock device.

Voluntary Car Breathalyzer Price Breakdown

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First, keep in mind that in many states, there are two entities you are required to pay if you are participating in the ignition interlock program. You must pay the applicable fees to the appropriate state agency (for example, the Illinois Secretary of State).

The other entity is a state-approved ignition interlock provider, who will charge an interlock installation cost, a rental or lease cost, and a removal fee.

Second, remember that the average cost for an ignition interlock device varies; each state has different pricing regulations and device technology requirements.

Ignition Interlock Installation Costs

Some states offer financial assistance to those who qualify. Overall, expect to pay the provider somewhere between $50 and $150 to install the interlock device, according to The installation fee may vary depending on vehicle type.

Rental or Lease Fees

After the initial interlock installation, you are required to pay the interlock provider a monthly rental or lease fee. On average, the cost to rent or lease an interlock device falls between $50 and $150, as stated by In some states, the monthly rental may be combined with monthly maintenance fees.

Removal Fee

Finally, you will have to pay your approved ignition interlock provider a removal fee. The removal fee ranges anywhere from $50 to $150, as listed on the ignition interlock devices costs and requirements web page. Before you have the device removed, be sure to verify that you are eligible for the ignition interlock removal with the court system and any monitoring authorities. Your attorney should be able to assist you with making sure you have permission to have the device removed.

Maintenance Fees

You will be responsible for maintenance costs and fees for downloading the data from the ignition interlock device. Maintenance fees for calibration and monitoring are paid to either your state or provider, depending on your location.

By contrast, some states may have an arrangement with their approved ignition interlock providers where the provider collects the maintenance and monitoring fees along with the rental charges. That way, you make only one payment per month on the device and deal with a single approved interlock provider.

Some states require that you make a separate maintenance and monitoring fee to the state. Fortunately, RoadGuard Interlock offers affordable ignition interlock devices and transparent pricing.

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