When Can I Get My Interlock Removed?

Once you finish the period of time you’re required to keep the Interlock on your car, you’re certainly looking forward to getting it removed. Due to the restrictions and laws surrounding the Interlock process, it will need to be removed by experts who will simultaneously download the last set of data. Even if you’ve finished the amount of time you’re required to keep the device installed, you do still need to go through RoadGuard Interlock to have it removed. There are two significant conditions to fulfill before scheduling an ignition interlock removal appointment:

ignition interlock violation penalties screen on interlock device

Time: Interlock device mandates vary by the local authority, but you’ll receive a period of time that you’ll need to keep the device in place. Only once you’ve completed this will you be able to schedule an interlock removal appointment.

Ignition Interlock Removal Forms: You’ll need to confirm that you’ve completed any necessary forms for your local authority, such as your ignition interlock removal form. A good rule of thumb is to go through whatever department initially required that the Interlock be installed — they’ll be able to confirm the requirements to have it removed.

What Do I Do When the Requirement Period Ends?

Once your requirement period is over, schedule a service appointment with RoadGuard Interlock by contacting us. At this scheduled appointment, we will work with you to remove the device while downloading the data and confirming that all the paperwork is in order. After we retrieve the data we are required to report to authorities, we’ll remove the device itself and do paperwork. The entire start-to-finish process usually takes about 30 minutes.

Interlock laws can vary between state and even by county, so we highly recommend contacting your monitoring authority before bringing your car in to confirm we won’t have an issue removing the device and reporting data. Ensure you have all necessary forms before you arrive, including your ignition interlock removal form.

Every interlock is registered to a national database and maintains synchronization. To have the device removed, you’ll need to maintain compliance up through the final steps of having us remove it. Anything done outside this compliance process can result in a violation of the program and the suspension of your license. This includes removing it yourself, even if you’ve completed the required time. Part of the removal process is a final data download, so it will need to be processed through a certified ignition interlock removal location.

Pre-appointment Checklist

If you’re preparing to bring your car in for a removal appointment, it’s essential you have everything prepared:

  • Time Period: We won’t be able to remove the Interlock device if the mandated time period isn’t up. Double-check that you’ve finished the required time before coming in.
  • Paperwork: If you’ve been provided paperwork to fill out by your local authority, it’s crucial to complete it before you come in. Everything will go much faster.
  • The Car: This may sound silly, but ensure you bring the car with the device into our service location. If you’ve been relying on public transit or ridesharing while waiting to get back behind the wheel, it can be easy to forget that you need to bring the car in.
  • Driver’s License: Similar to the previous bullet point (but more feasible), don’t forget your wallet at home. We’ll need to confirm your identity and license status before we can remove the Interlock on your car.

Finding a Location For Interlock Device Removal

With hundreds of locations across the U.S., it shouldn’t take long to find one close to you. We can’t wait to help you get back on the road freely. RoadGuard Interlock has developed technology to make the world safer since 1889, and we’re proud to assist you in regaining your driving privileges. Still wondering, “When can I get my interlock removed?” Contact us today to schedule a removal appointment.