Frequently Asked Questions

How often will the ignition interlock device be serviced?

Depending on your specific monitoring authority requirements, the participant’s interlock device will be serviced every 30-60 days.

Can I monitor my DUI defendant more frequently?

Yes. At no extra cost to the participant, we can accommodate additional service appointments to generate more frequent interlock data reports.

How do I monitor my interlock participants who have a RoadGuard ignition interlock device?

Our reporting software provides 24/7 reporting for IIDs. RoadGuard’s ignition interlock devices transmit information to  a database that monitors all events. It records all Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC), date and time of events, circumvention attempts, tampering, and violations.

How soon can I access a report?

Typically, same-day. All data is collected and stored in the control box of the interlock. Within 24 hours of the participant receiving service, a report will be emailed to the designated agent. Reports can also be sent via mail, fax, or electronic data transfer, where available.

What type of reports will I receive?

To accommodate the needs of various monitoring agencies, we have developed several reports. In addition to the installation, removal, and failure-to-appear notifications, we also offer reports for monthly compliance and violations.

How do I receive ignition interlock reports on the participant?

You may access interlock reports online, by email, fax, or mail. Submit a  Access Application and connect with the reporting department for fast, convenient access to participant reports.

Who should I contact If I have questions regarding an ignition interlock report?

We’re here to help! For assistance with any questions or concerns regarding a report, email our trained reporting specialists at

Can I restrict a participant’s driving times?

Yes. Simply provide us with the restricted driving hours so we can program the ignition interlock device to disable during the designated times.