Where Can I find a Nearby Location to Install a Car Breathalyzer or Interlock Device?

Choose your location from the list below, or enter your zip code to find the nearest service centers to you. It's important to remember that by law, ignition interlock devices, also known as car breathalyzers, are required to be installed by a certified professional.

During your ignition interlock installation appointment, several activities take place to ensure the device is properly installed and fully functional. A RoadGuard certified professional begins by explaining the process and answering any questions you might have. Then, they proceed to integrate the device with your vehicle's ignition system. This involves complex wiring, which is why it requires a certified installer.

The ignition interlock device prevents the vehicle from starting if alcohol is detected in the driver's breath. After the installation, the professional will demonstrate how to use the device correctly. They will walk you through the breath test procedure and explain what to do in different scenarios. They will also outline the device's maintenance requirements and the necessary regular service appointments. This thorough process is designed to ensure both your safety and compliance with the law.

RoadGuard Ignition Interlock Locations in Vernal, Utah

Why Choose RoadGuard Interlock

Choosing to install a car breathalyzer with RoadGuard Interlock is an exceptional decision for numerous reasons. RoadGuard Interlock is a leading provider in the industry, known for its robust and reliable devices that enhance safety by ensuring drivers are sober before they start their vehicles. They prioritize customer satisfaction, providing professional installation, efficient service, and comprehensive support to ensure the device works optimally.

Furthermore, they offer educational resources to help individuals understand the importance and functionality of interlock devices. By choosing RoadGuard Interlock, you're not just selecting a product; you're choosing a service committed to safety, quality, and user-friendly experience.