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The regular professional football season is moving along with televised games three times a week. This is in addition to college football. At some point this season chances are, you will probably get together with your family, friends, or coworkers at someone’s home or at a sports bar to watch a game. You may even attend a game when your team plays at home.

Tips on How to Avoid a DUI During Football Games This Season

Plan Your Trip Home in Advance

Beer, wine and distilled spirits may be a part of the fun, but if you have to drive, do not drink. If for some reason you have to drive after having a drink, a general guideline is to not drive for 45 minutes to an hour for each alcoholic drink consumed. One ounce of alcohol can raise your blood alcohol content or BAC to .08, which is considered in most states to be driving under the influence by law. Like it or not, the only safe BAC level for driving is .00. You can calculate your BAC level with this form but it is just an estimate and not completely accurate.

Don’t Forget to Eat Something

Alcohol should never be consumed on an empty stomach. Alcoholic beverages should always be consumed with food. A glass of wine is a good compliment to certain foods and it may also aid in digestion. Beer pairs well with lots of bar food. So enjoy the pizza, burgers, wings, fries, and creamy dips with chips that are part of parties and sporting events. Even if you eat before, during, and after you drink, you must always get a safe ride home. Leave your car or hand over your keys, don’t drink and drive.

Enjoy the game along with friends and even those who cheer for the “other team.” But be sure to be responsible to avoid a DUI this football season. If you do get arrested for a DUI, an ignition interlock device (IID) may be required. An ignition interlock is a great way to prevent anyone from driving while intoxicated. RoadGuard Interlock Ignition Interlock Devices offer advanced technologies to deliver accurate results, fast.


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