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If a DUI has sidelined you, we know you can’t wait to get back on the road. And if you’re a motorcyclist, the freedom of the open road is calling your name. Ignition interlock devices can get you back behind the wheel, and also behind the handlebars. Many people think interlock devices are just for cars, but an ignition interlock for motorcycles might be the solution you are seeking. RoadGuard Interlock operates nationwide providing ignition interlock device installation and services to help you to meet any device requirement to restore your motorist privileges.

Motorcycle crashes under the influence can be particularly deadly, so we seek to partner with you in safe and enjoyable transportation. If you’re looking for a motorcycle ignition interlock device, here are the answers to some questions you may have.

Are Motorcycle Ignition Interlocks Required or Permitted?

The answer to this varies by state. Some states allow them, but don’t require them, while others require them, and some do not permit them at all. North Carolina, for example, requires an IID to be installed on every vehicle you use, including boats, cars, and motorcycles. Other states prohibit the installation of motorcycles unless you can prove it’s your only mode of transportation. Take a look at your state’s ignition interlock laws to see if a motorcycle ignition interlock will work for you. RoadGuard Interlock can install a device on any motor vehicle approved by your state and has locations nationwide.

Are Motorcycle Ignition Interlocks Weatherproof?

RoadGuard Interlock has a weatherproof box for special installations, including boats and motorcycles. We use a unique pelican case with weather seals to keep moisture out. Our LED signaling feature is also weatherproof, alerting you to the need to retest in any weather conditions. Our cameras are not completely weatherproof, so we recommend storing your bike in a covered area when you aren’t out on the road.

Are Motorcycle Ignition Interlocks Safe?

With proper usage, ignition interlocks for motorcycles are not only safe to use, but also inhibit drinking and driving. Our notification LED is mounted in the visual range of the driver, alerting them when it’s time to retest. No need to look down or listen for alerts – the LED display is visible. We strongly recommend pulling over to a safe area to conduct the retest before heading back on the road. Retest timing varies by state, so be sure to follow state laws. Retests are quick and user-friendly to limit roadside delays.

Are Motorcycle Ignition Interlocks Obvious?

We know that DUIs can put a damper on your life and raise questions among friends and family. When you’re out enjoying a ride on your bike, your interlock device shouldn’t get in the way. RoadGuard Interlock motorcycle devices are discrete and designed to keep your personal life private. We aim to make your safety our top priority while minimizing your exposure. Our sleek black design with a rear-mounted mouthpiece keeps your IID out of the way.

Are Motorcycle Ignition Interlock Devices Reliable?

All interlock devices are not created equally, and some brands are prone to error. But, RoadGuard Interlock has been helping drivers regain their independence for more than 25 years with our state-of-the-art interlock devices. We offer assistance from navigating state regulations to product selection, to installation, and to troubleshooting to make sure your needs are met. We are one of only a few companies to offer roadside assistance. We offer affordable pricing for high-tech devices that will not let you down. Our easy blow-and-suck test method prevents errors and quickly delivers reliable results.

Our customer satisfaction and multiple locations are evidence of why RoadGuard Interlock is a leader in the interlock industry. We install ignition interlock devices on motorcycles, boats, cars, or any vehicle you need. Our service technicians will ensure you are comfortable using the device, and available to answer any questions should you have any problems, even after-hours. If your state allows ignition interlock installation on motorcycles, you can trust RoadGuard Interlock to help get you back on the road as quickly as possible. If you are searching “ignition interlock for motorcycles” or “RoadGuard Interlock motorcycle”, locate your nearest RoadGuard Interlock install location today, and get back to living life and enjoying your ride.


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