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If you have a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) conviction and need help finding an affordable ignition interlock system in Austin, Texas, RoadGuard Interlock, LLC (DUI) can help. The State of Texas generally requires that most DWI offenders install an ignition interlock system in their vehicles. This device acts as a breathalyzer and helps you comply with the terms of your court order where an ignition interlock system is ordered, by preventing you from drinking and driving against your court order.

Below, we explain how an ignition interlock system works and where you can get one in the Austin area for a reasonable price.

What Is an Ignition Interlock System?

An ignition interlock system is a small device that’s wired into your vehicle’s ignition. You breathe into the device, like a breathalyzer, and it measures the alcohol level in your system.

Your vehicle will not start if the ignition interlock device detects the presence of alcohol on your breath above a preset Breath Alcohol Concentration threshold. Although the interlock device will not turn your vehicle off if you fail a retest, the failed test will be recorded and is a violation.

Installing an ignition interlock device in your vehicle is generally required by Texas law when you get a DWI. This is a great alternative to otherwise having your driver’s license revoked, which would make it more difficult for you to get to work and take care of your family. DUI understands the challenges of a DWI conviction and stands ready to help.

What Is the Cost of Getting an Interlock System in Austin, Texas?

The cost varies, but it’s normally broken down into several categories. Here’s a list of fees associated with an ignition interlock device in Texas:

  • Installation: Approximately $50 to $150
  • Monthly Lease Fee: Approximately $60 to $100 per month
  • Removal: Approximately $50 to $150

In addition to the above costs to an ignition interlock service provider, you will also need to pay to the State of Texas, Department of Public Safety, a fee of $10 for a restricted license and a reinstatement fee of $125 before receiving your restricted ignition interlock license in Texas. The license reinstatement fees are per Texas law and are paid directly to the agency. To learn about ignition interlock device program costs, check out this page.

What Interlock Devices Does RoadGuard Interlock Offer?

The new Dräger Interlock 7000 offers accurate testing, discreet appearance, serving convenience, and ease of use! It helps you comply with Texas law without disrupting your daily routine.

Technology That Makes a Difference: Dräger Interlock 7000

The accuracy of a breath test is what people may worry about when they are required to get an ignition interlock device. Here are some features that can put your mind at ease.

  • Differentiates between breath alcohol and mouth alcohol: Such as mouthwash, so say goodbye to unnecessary lockouts!
  • Ready when you are: DUI ignition interlock devices are ready when you are. Even in below-freezing weather, the Dräger Interlock 7000 can start up within seconds.
  • Step-by-step messaging: The Drager Interlock 7000 will guide you through the process of providing a correct breath sample. It will also give you advance notice of your next service appointment.

Your lifestyle shouldn’t change because of this new requirement. We offer accurate, reliable ignition interlock devices at a reasonable cost.

Ignition Interlock Device Installation in Austin, Texas

RoadGuard Interlock has several service center locations in Austin, Texas, to meet your needs. Our team of professionals can get you back on the road safely, quickly, and smoothly.

If you received a DWI in Texas and are looking for an ignition interlock device installation in Austin, Texas, click here to find a location near you or contact us at 1-833-545-0368 to schedule an appointment.

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