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Drinking and driving can lead to serious consequences — not only the loss of your license and, in some cases, jail time but serious accidents, including death and severe injuries. Fortunately, some drunk driving solutions can help you avoid getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. One of the most popular? Non-alcoholic drinks.

Drunk Driving Solution

Consider this scenario: you’re out at the bar with a group of friends. You’re the designated driver, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit around sipping on soda all evening. Instead, you can indulge in a few non-alcoholic favorites, including a mocktail recipe that contains all of your favorite flavors without the alcoholic content that makes it unsafe for you to drive.

You might be out hanging out with friends but plan to transport yourself. Your vehicle is at the bar or restaurant, and you don’t want to leave it there overnight, which means you need to stay sober. In this case, as well, sticking to non-alcoholic drinks can allow you to enjoy the evening more freely — and even prevent your more aggressive friends from pressuring you about not drinking throughout the evening.

Try Some of These Favorites

Looking for a mocktail recipe that will allow you to feel as though you’re indulging without creating the risk of drunk driving? Try some of these familiar favorites.

Sparkling lemonade or limeade

Adding sparkling water to lemonade or limeade can make a fantastic cocktail that will feel just as indulgent as many of your favorite alcoholic drinks, but without the alcohol. It’s also a great drink for sipping all evening long since it’s very cool and refreshing.


Mixing up soda water with your favorite fruit–blackberries or citrus fruits, for example–and adding in some herbs like rosemary or lavender can create a fantastic drink that will have you eagerly reaching for your next one. Try, for example, this recipe for a rosemary citrus spritzer.

Virgin Piña Coladas

Piña coladas aren’t just a popular summer favorite. Luckily, you can have the bar mix them up without the heavy alcohol content — and you may find that you enjoy them even more than originally anticipated. You can also enjoy many of your favorite cocktails without alcohol added in. Just ask the bartender what they can put together!

Shirley Temples

The familiar Shirley Temple offers a fantastic sprite-and-cherry flavor that will be sure to have you smiling — and the odds are good that no one will even notice that it’s not an alcoholic drink unless you mention it. It’s not just for kids!

Tips for Creating a Fantastic Mocktail Recipe

Whether you’re mixing up your own drinks at a party or asking for a drink at the bar, consider some of these tips for mixing up a great mocktail.

Cut the sweetness

Mocktails often taste sweeter than their alcoholic counterparts because the alcohol content makes the drink appear dryer and, therefore, less sweet. If you want to cut the sweetness in your mocktail recipe, try adding a splash of citrus or even apple cider vinegar.

Make them look appealing

Mocktails can be just as indulgent as their alcoholic counterparts. Whether you’re mixing up an alcohol-free mudslide or putting together a virgin daiquiri, put in just as much care as you would mixing up a traditional alcoholic drink. Garnishes, bright colors, and fantastic flavors can all work to help make the drink more appealing.


Just like mixing a good cocktail, mixing a good mocktail is an art form. Experiment with different variations of your favorite drinks or order a few different versions at your favorite bar. It may surprise you what you fall in love with!

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