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Most people think that Valentine’s Day is all about going out to dinner, having a glass of wine or a cocktail or two, and you wrap up the evening by spending time alone. Admittedly, this can be an enjoyable evening, but it loses something if you spend your entire time trying to avoid a DUI. Drinking and driving will never be okay. Even if you do not feel impaired, you can still be over the legal limit, and trust us, there is nothing LESS romantic than ending up with a DUI charge on your special night together. Whatever your reason, we have ten practical and enjoyable alcohol-free Valentine’s Day date ideas that promise tons of romance while encouraging responsible drinking.

The truth is many people choose to enjoy Valentine’s date nights without alcohol for a variety of reasons. Medications may not work with it, new partners may not be comfortable with it, and recovering alcoholics know they don’t need it.

Thrill Each Other at an Amusement Park

Most amusement parks are designed to not encourage drinking. It may be available, but it is very easy to resist temptation while you are being exhilarated by other things. It is also going to make for a very fun day for you and your partner. You can laugh together, try new things, and simply enjoy being in each other’s presence.

Take a Walk or Go Hiking Together

The great outdoors can be as fun or as romantic as you want them to be. Even though February 14th is still a little cool in most areas, you can still bundle up and explore a hidden lake or some tree-covered area. Simply find your secret spot, spread out your blankets, and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Play a Round of Putt-Putt Golf

Putt-Putt golf is a game that should never be underestimated. It is fun. It allows you to challenge one another. If your partner isn’t someone who has played before, it can also allow you to get a little cuddly as you show them how to putt.

Enjoy Winter’s Beauty by Ice Skating

Experienced and inexperienced can enjoy going ice skating with someone they love. There is something undeniably romantic about holding hands while you glide along on the ice. If ice isn’t available, roller skating may hold the same appeal.

Learn Something New Together

Learning something new with a partner is always enjoyable. It can be even more special if you do it on Valentine’s Day. Just think of something you and your partner both enjoy and plan to take a lesson. It can be dancing, cooking, karate, or any other activity.

Enjoy a Romantic Picnic

Picnics are usually thought of as a summer event. Therefore, it will surprise your partner if you take them on a bundled-up picnic and they will appreciate the gesture. Even more so when you cuddle up by the fire after you get back home.

Take a Road Trip to an Unknown Destination

While being a responsible driver and driving sober, you may want to consider taking a road trip to a place neither of you has been before. You can point at a map and travel to that area, take a trip to the mountains that you have always wanted to see with your partner, or leave your house and just drive. Sing karaoke in the car and watch as the scenery changes.

Spend a Day at the Zoo

Zoos may not seem like the most romantic thing you can do, but it can be with the right mindset. It can allow you to walk hand in hand while laughing at the antics of animals. Most zoos are alcohol-free and may offer special dinners on Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy a Star-Filled Night

For this, you have many options. You can visit a planetarium or step outside and look up at the night sky. If you are at home or camping out for the night, you can get a telescope and get an up-close view of the moon and stars above. It is both relaxing and beautiful.

Cook Dinner for Two

Bustle suggests cooking dinner at home. At RoadGuard Interlock we only say that if you want the wine and dine experience with your valentine, you can always opt to prepare a meal at home. The two of you can pick your menu items, prepare them together, and relax over a good meal lit only by the candlelight glow.

Final Thoughts

There is no written law that drinking on Valentine’s Day is something we must do if we are looking for romance. After all, sometimes the most responsible drinking is not drinking at all. There are written laws that say drinking and driving will spoil your romantic night for two. Most states have a legal limit of only .08 BAC.

If you would like to know more about driving sober, ignition interlock devices, DUI laws, or safe driving and responsible drinking tips, visit our blog page. We are committed to making roads safer!


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