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Oktoberfest, an annual celebration of German culture observed throughout September and October, is in full swing! While the most notable Oktoberfest events take place in Munich, festivities are enjoyed around the world with many events held across the United States.

Oktoberfest recognizes German history, culture, and heritage, and partygoers often indulge in interesting, refreshing alcoholic beverages of German origin. Oktoberfest provides wonderful opportunities to explore and discover unique tastes.

Drinking responsibly makes Oktoberfest a more enjoyable and memorable experience. While indulging in special German beers, ales, and other beverages, for your own safety and the safety of others, please don’t drink and drive. Check out these tips to help you stay safe while enjoying the festivities.

1. Plan Ahead
Proper planning is one of the most important steps to enjoy Oktoberfest celebrations responsibly. Before heading out to celebrate, secure a safe mode of transportation. If you must drive, make sure you do not consume any alcoholic beverages.

Drinking too much is a recipe for disaster, have a plan for someone to get you home so you aren’t stuck at the venue. To make the most of this Oktoberfest, have a trusted friend remain sober to act as a designated driver, or arrange for safe transportation with a cab, Uber, or other driving service.

2. Pace Yourself
When you discover a tasty new drink, you may want to have more than one. However, it is important to pace yourself over the course of your activities. It may be difficult to monitor yourself if you drinking too much too quickly. Everyone’s body reacts to alcohol differently, so it’s crucial to understand your limit and that getting behind the wheel is very dangerous.

The pacing could help you stick to your limits. It also allows time to make adjustments to your plans, as necessary, before you’re too sloppy to make the best decisions.

3. Stay Hydrated
Alcohol can cause dehydration much quicker than you think. One critical tip for drinking responsibly and making the most of this Oktoberfest is to stay hydrated. Drink water before, during, and after your festivities to prevent dehydration.

A good rule of thumb is to drink a glass of water in between alcoholic beverages. This could also help with pacing, keeping you within your drinking limits.

Oktoberfest DUIs
A DUI can quickly turn an amazing Oktoberfest experience into a nightmare. Driving under the influence can lead to arrests, harm to yourself and/or others, and even death. Drinking irresponsibly does not only put you at risk, it endangers the lives of everyone around you.

Ending up with a DUI brings negative consequences that will follow you long after the end of Oktoberfest. Fines and fees generally amount to several thousands of dollars, along with potential jail time, probation, mandatory alcohol treatment, and license suspension or revocation.

Getting Back on the Road with RoadGuard Interlock
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