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If you have been convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Minnesota, the court may order you to install an ignition interlock on your vehicle. DUI laws in Minnesota require a device in the following circumstances:

  • You are a first-time offender with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.16% or higher.
  • You are a second-time offender.
  • You have been convicted of three or more offenses within a 10-year period.

The Minnesota Ignition Interlock Evaluation concluded:

Less than 1% of the 10,664 DUI offenders in Minnesota who have used or are currently using ignition interlock have reoffended since the program’s statewide inception in July 2011.

Here at RoadGuard, we understand that you may feel overwhelmed by your DUI in Minnesota, we can help you get safely back on the road today.

Step One: Apply for an Ignition Interlock License

Drivers who are eligible for reinstatement of their Minnesota driver’s license must follow the appropriate steps for the DMV to review the application for a restricted license:

  • Pass the DWI knowledge test.
  • Pay the $680 reinstatement fee (receipt must be submitted).
  • Apply for a Class D driver’s license (submit receipt).
  • Sign and date the Ignition Interlock Participation Agreement.
  • Submit proof of insurance.
  • A signed and notarized Special Review Awareness Form may be required.
  • Select an ignition interlock provider.
  • Submit all application paperwork.

Step Two: The Ignition Interlock Installation Process

The professionals at RoadGuard will help guide you through the Minnesota ignition interlock device laws. Make sure to bring the following documents to your first appointment:

  • A valid government-issued form of identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, or military ID
  • Vehicle registration
  • The court order and all other documents related to your case
  • If you will be operating another person’s vehicle, you will need a notarized Owner’s Consent to Installation form, or ask the vehicle’s owner to come with you to the appointment

You should plan on your first appointment taking between one and three hours to complete all requirements and services. Your first appointment will involve the following:

  • A mechanical and electrical inspection of the vehicle
  • Installation of the ignition interlock device
  • Complete administrative paperwork
  • Interlock device training and troubleshooting

RoadGuard’s proactive staff will assist you with understanding all Minnesota ignition interlock device requirements that pertain to your program. Once we’ve completed all of the initial set-up requirements, we’ll schedule your first monitoring check and calibration appointment.

Step Three: Getting Back on the Road after a DUI in Minnesota

You’re able to get back on the road once you receive your restricted license from the Minnesota DMV. RoadGuard Interlock has been helping drivers for more than 25 years; we provide you with a reliable and discreet ignition interlock device. Our goal is to assist drivers in regaining their independence by providing a safe and efficient means to resume their driving privileges.

Our courteous customer service representatives will be happy to assist you when you have questions. We have an extensive network of service centers with qualified technicians across the nation. We are here to support you every step of the way.

RoadGuard Interlock: Your Trusted Ignition Interlock Partner

If you’ve received a DUI in MN, an ignition interlock device provides you with the ability to drive to work and other necessary places. When you are looking for an interlock provider, you can trust in RoadGuard Interlock ! You will appreciate the level of respect and professionalism we show each of our customers. We are available to explain the ignition interlock process and get you back on the road after a DUI in MN. Contact us today!

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