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When you have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle, you cannot start the car after you’ve been drinking. If it detects alcohol on your breath, the device will not allow the car to start. But we know — you have somewhere important to be! Knowing how to get around ignition interlock devices could make it easier for you to get to where you need to be. The reality, however, is that attempting to use an ignition interlock device hack could cause more problems than you expect.

The most common hacks simply don’t work

If you do a quick online search for how to cheat an interlock device, you may see two highly common ignition interlock device hacks. Unfortunately, those hacks — simply put — don’t work.

“Try using compressed air to ‘blow’ into the device.”

Compressed air, according to popular theory, should give the impression of air that doesn’t have any hint of alcohol. However, it also has a drastically cooler temperature than your breath. Not only that, the device camera will note you were using something other than your breath to start the car, which could lead to trouble later.

“Have someone else blow into the device for you.”

Sure, you could have a friend blow into the device and start your car. Of course, you are then making your friend an accessory to a crime. The camera on the device will note that you are not the one attempting to start the car and record the other party’s face. Then, if you are stopped for drinking and driving or involved in an accident, the camera will provide evidence that will implicate your friend.

Not only that, but the device may ask for a rolling retest, checking your breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) while you are driving. If you attempt this ignition interlock hack, you will likely end up having to stop halfway to your destination — and that’s if the device allows you to start the vehicle in the first place.

“Just disconnect the device.”

Tampering with the interlock device could result in expulsion from the program, which means you will lose your provisional license and your ability to drive altogether. These types of violations could also be subject to additional criminal charges including jail time.

“Try hiding the alcohol on your breath.”

There are numerous methods across the internet for hiding the alcohol on your breath to fool the ignition interlock device. This hack, however, doesn’t work. Modern technology senses the alcohol on your breath regardless of what else you’ve tried to eat or drink.

Ignition interlock devices have the technology to prevent the most common hacks from working — as they’re intended to. Ignition interlock devices are designed to help you avoid getting behind the wheel when you’ve been drinking. That protection keeps you and others on the road safer.

The consequences for hacking an ignition interlock device are severe

If you have an ignition interlock device on your vehicle, you were already convicted of drinking and driving. Knowing how to cheat an interlock device won’t get you any closer to getting your full driving privileges back. You may carry a provisional license that allows you to drive only with the device in place on your vehicle. Often, that provisional license will restrict the places you’re able to go and when you’re able to drive.

If you are caught drinking and driving with the ignition interlock device, even if your hack is successful, you may lose your license, face jail time, and fined. If a friend blew into the device to help you start your vehicle, they could also face serious consequences. Not only that, drinking and driving can decrease your judgment, destroy your response time, and reduce the odds that you and any passengers in your vehicle will safely reach your destination.

Ignition interlock devices are designed to keep drivers from getting behind the wheel after drinking. If you have one, you don’t need more information on how to get around ignition interlock devices. Instead, just focus on keeping yourself and others on the road safe. Drive sober. Your life and the lives of others on the road is worth the wait. Contact us today to learn more about our devices and why hacking them won’t work — and why you must avoid ignition interlock device hacks.

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