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Can You Use Remote Start with an Ignition Interlock?

Some modern vehicles have a remote start option, which allows you to start the car using your key fob or a smartphone app. Remote start is handy because it also triggers the air conditioning or heater, helping your vehicle reach a comfortable temperature before you get in the driver’s seat.

Remote starters can also be installed in existing vehicles if they don’t have a manual transmission.

Suppose you’ve been convicted of drunk driving and ordered to install an ignition interlock in your car. In that case, you’re probably wondering if you’ll be able to keep your remote starter or if you can even install one in a car with remote start and push-to-start capabilities.

Can You Use Remote Start with an Ignition Interlock?

The short answer is: No.

When your ignition interlock is installed, the service technician will also disable the remote starter. The interlock device bypasses the remote starter. This goes for both built-in and aftermarket systems.

Because the remote starter can fire up the engine without your presence in the vehicle, it doesn’t comply with ignition interlock rules and regulations. While not being able to use a remote starter can be unpleasant on very cold or hot days, it’s better than not driving at all.

As our service technician must bypass the remote start system altogether, you’re likely to lose other “smart start” functions such as remote heating. However, this depends on the specific system and app you’re using.

If you have an ignition interlock installed, you can’t add a remote starter to your vehicle until your probationary period is over, and the interlock is uninstalled. Doing so would count as a violation, just as with any actions taken to tamper with the ignition interlock. Depending on your state, this can result in some significant penalties.

After the interlock is uninstalled, the technician will reconnect and test your remote start system and make sure it works. Let us know before your installation and removal appointments whether your vehicle has a remote start system. This ensures that everything goes smoothly during your appointments.

Are Ignition Interlocks Compatible with Push Starts?

Many vehicles with remote start capability also have a push-button start rather than using a key. We can install an ignition interlock on a car with push-starts with no problem.

However, it would help if you let us know this before your appointment as it affects how long it takes the technician to complete the installation. (Generally, installations take about one to three hours, depending on the make and model of your vehicle).

Be sure to avoid touching the brake pedal before providing a sample, as this can register as a violation and or delay the car starting. Avoiding the brake pedal can take a bit of thought as many people with push-start vehicles automatically gravitate towards it when they get into the car. That said, we can install an ignition interlock in any vehicle, regardless of the starter system. However, we’ll first have to disable remote start since it won’t be compliant with state laws.

If you need help getting back on the road and more clarification to “Can you use remote start with an ignition interlock?” contact RoadGuard Interlock today.


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