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If you’ve been charged with a DUI and must use an ignition interlock, you’re probably wondering “Can you get off interlock early?” Unfortunately, in virtually all instances, you can’t expect to get an ignition interlock device (IID) removed earlier than established by your court system.

Currently, each state has some sort of ignition interlock law in place, and the length of use is determined by a judge or regulation. There are ways, however, to ensure that the time you must use an ignition interlock passes without incident.

Can I Get an Interlock Installed on Just One Vehicle If I Own and Use Multiple Vehicles?

No. During the period in which your restricted driving privileges are in effect, you’re responsible for driving exclusively in vehicles equipped with an interlock device. (Note that an interlock device can be installed on vehicles such as motorcycles).

If you’re caught driving without the device, you’ll get a fine, risk having your restricted driving privileges revoked entirely, and/or face jail time. Consequences will vary depending on where you live, so check with your lawyer to make sure you get the right information.

How Can I Get Off My Ignition Interlock Early?

Under very rare circumstances and depending on your state’s laws, you may be able to request a hearing before a judge to change your sentence. Your lawyer can tell you whether this is an option in your state.

In short, the best way to deal with restricted driving privileges is to deliver an alcohol-free breath sample every time.

What Should I Do to Ensure That I Pass Each Breathalyzer Test?

The ignition interlock measures your breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) at the time you breathe into the device. States currently have a BAC limit for adult drivers aged 21 or older.

Although companies like RoadGuard Interlock offer one of the most efficient and accurate devices on the market, positives may be triggered if a driver gets behind the wheel after using products like mouthwash and cough syrup.

These substances can cause the driver to provide a breath sample with a high alcohol concentration. To ensure that you pass the breathalyzer test, follow these tips:

  • Take every breath test that comes up once you get behind the wheel.
  • Avoid using mouthwash, cough syrup, or other items that can trigger a false positive.
  • Respond immediately to the rolling retest notification. You’ll be given several minutes to pull the vehicle over to a safe place and complete the test.
  • To maintain control over the outcome of each breath test, avoid having others drive your vehicle. You’ll be held responsible if they fail the breath tests.

Although having an ignition interlock installed may make you anxious, there are ways to make the process as smooth as possible — and it all starts with choosing the right ignition interlock provider. RoadGuard Interlock, for instance, has an exceptional device that requires just seconds to provide your sample.

The process is quick, accurate, and painless. In addition, we have multiple service centers across the country. So, chances are high that there is an installation location near you.

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