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The answer is NO. It’s illegal (if not impossible) to fake a device that requires professional installation by an approved ignition interlock provider in a service center, specific use, and breath sample reports.

In short, using an interlock device is the best (and safest) way for a person with a DUI charge to get their driving privileges restored.

An adequately installed interlock device can’t be altered or manipulated. In particular, it’s best to refrain from tampering with the element that analyzes your BrAC (breath alcohol concentration). If you try to change or circumvent the interlock device, you may be held liable for your actions.

Generally, if you have an ignition interlock device (IID) in your vehicle, you also have a restricted license. Such a license will indicate the length of time you must use the IID.

Once you have met all of the ignition interlock requirements and paid the necessary fines, your license will be reinstated. Depending on where you live, you may also be instructed to attend programs for those with drunk driving convictions.

Installation and Use

Courts in most states require an ignition interlock device for those charged with DWI (driving while intoxicated) or DUI (driving under the influence).

The court will specify the amount of time you must keep the device installed in your vehicle. It may be six months or longer, depending on the laws in your state and the type of offense. The provider will send a document to the motor licensing department informing them of your installation.

Remember that your IID must be professionally installed by a company such as RoadGuard Interlock. The device will be connected to the starter in your car. At RoadGuard, we give the user detailed instructions on using the device to start the vehicle.

If you need an ignition interlock in your car, you will need monthly service appointments to download data and to ensure the device is functioning properly. RoadGuard generally reports the information from your interlock device to the monitor authority within 24 hours of your monthly device check. The court-appointed monitoring officer needs to know how frequently you’ve used the device.

Can an Ignition Interlock be Faked? Please Don’t Try to Cheat

If you’ve had a few drinks before heading home, you may be worried about passing the breath test. However, It’s impossible to override the ignition interlock device. So, if you’re intoxicated, it’s best to let a sober friend drive your vehicle. Your friend will serve as your designated driver.

They must also blow into the device and pass the ignition interlock test before starting the car.

Whatever you do, try to avoid asking your sober friend to take the breath analysis test for you. If you do this and then try to drive yourself, you may be breaking the laws in your state. It will be a violation of the terms of your conviction. You can have your license revoked and receive an additional fine along with jail time.

People have also used other methods of trying to trick the system, including eating, using mouthwash (that often includes alcohol), and drinking large amounts of coffee. Regardless of what you eat, alcohol can still stay in your system for several hours.

How the Ignition Interlock Device Works

The interlock device is connected to the ignition system of any vehicle. You blow into a mouthpiece that measures and records your breath alcohol concentration level (BrAC). The device will automatically determine if there is alcohol in your system. If the device detects your BrAC to be at or above the legal limit, your car won’t start.

The legal limit is often .08 or eight percent in most states. However, it may be lower in other states.

If you need an interlock device installation, contact us at 1-833-545-0368. We will work with you to make sure that you meet all the requirements in your state. We are an experienced and professional ignition interlock company that will work hard to help you get back on the road safely and affordably.


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