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If you are a social drinker, you may find it relaxing and fun to hang out with a group of friends and have a few drinks. However, a DUI offense is something you should avoid at all costs. A DUI in Washington State carries severe penalties. Penalties may include license suspensions, jail time, treatment programs, and possibly “high-risk car insurance” for up to three years. If you are a WA resident, it is very important to understand the DUI laws. Here’s what you need to know to avoid a DUI in Washington.

Understanding Legal Limits

When you are out drinking with friends, you may not think about how two beers can put you over the limit. You may not wonder how you will get home afterward. You may not even feel as though you have a buzz. The thing is; if you are pulled over for any reason and the officer suspects you are under the influence you could be tested and arrested. All it takes is a blood alcohol concentration of .08%.

WA First Offense Penalties

A DUI in Washington State is a very serious charge. If you are convicted, you may be required to have an ignition interlock device for at least one year, but it could last for up to 18 months. You could face jail time, home monitoring, a sobriety program, as well as fines. If you have a higher amount of alcohol, drugs, prescription medication, etc. in your system, the penalties could be harsher.

Tips to Safely Avoid DUI Charges

We all enjoy time out with friends and date nights where we sip on a glass or two of wine. There is nothing wrong with having a drink as long as you don’t drink and drive. This means, limiting yourself to a minimal amount of social drinking, calling for an Uber ride or a taxi if you plan to drink. We want to help you avoid a DUI in Washington State while still having a good time.

At RoadGuard Interlock, we understand you may not want an ignition interlock device in your vehicle and we strive to provide you with a practical solution. Whether you have been arrested for a first or subsequent offense, you can contact us. We will give information on pricing, ignition interlock devices, the installation process, and give you information on our affordable pricing.


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