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If you’ve been convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in Pennsylvania, you may be court-ordered to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. DUI laws in PA make ignition interlock systems mandatory for first-time DUI offenders with high blood alcohol levels, repeat DUI offenders, individuals who refuse chemical testing, and for illegally operating a motor vehicle not equipped with an ignition interlock system.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation states that thanks to ignition interlock devices, more than 48,000 impaired driving attempts were prevented in one year. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a court order requiring an ignition interlock device. Let us help you get back on the road with a RoadGuard Interlock today.

Step One: Applying for an Ignition Interlock License

Drivers who are eligible for license restoration will receive a Restoration Requirements letter from PennDOT. This letter is sent 30 days before their eligibility date. In addition to the Ignition Interlock License Application, PennDOT must also receive certification from an ignition interlock vendor that the device was installed.

An Ignition Interlock License has a red banner with “Limited License” noted on the front. The license contains a red map of Pennsylvania in the lower right corner citing the type of limitation, which in this case, is Ignition Interlock.

Step Two: Ignition Interlock Installation Process

At RoadGuard Interlock, we help guide you through the installation process. Here’s what to bring to your first appointment:

  • A valid photo form of identification. This can include a driver’s license, Military ID, or passport.
  • Bring your vehicle registration.
  • The court order and any other documents pertaining to your case.
  • If you are not the registered owner of the vehicle, bring a notarized Owner’s Consent to Installation form or have the owner attend the appointment with you.

Depending upon the type of vehicle, you can expect your first appointment to take anywhere from one to three hours. During that time, our team does the following:

  • Conduct a mechanical and electrical inspection of the vehicle.
  • Complete your Ignition Interlock installation.
  • Complete all administrative paperwork.
  • Provide interlock device training and troubleshooting.

Our helpful staff will help you to understand the state requirements for your program. The final step with your appointment is scheduling your first monitoring check and calibration appointment.

Step Three: Get Back On the Road After a DUI in PA

Once you receive your ignition interlock license from PennDOT, you can get on the road. For more than 20 years, RoadGuard Interlock has helped drivers regain their independence with devices that stay out of your way and that are easy to use. Our goal is that drivers spend more time driving safely, and less time interacting with the device.

Our support extends beyond your first appointment with a customer service center that is here to help you every step of the way! We have a valuable network of service centers with qualified technicians to support you. And, we are one of the few companies that provide roadside assistance.

RoadGuard Interlock: Your Trusted Partner for Ignition Interlock

An Ignition Interlock system provides a way for Pennsylvania drivers to get to work, the store, and other essential places. It is a safe way to monitor your actions and to help prevent drunk driving crashes that cause serious injury and even death.

RoadGuard Interlock is a trusted brand and a world leader in medical and safety technology for more than 60 years. We treat all of our clients with respect, and you’ll find our staff is friendly and professional.

If you need an ignition interlock system installed in your vehicle, contact us. We’ll walk you through the process and help you get back on the road with a device that’s easy to use. Let our trusted brand be your vendor of choice for your ignition interlock system.


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