Interlock Maintenance & Calibration

What is an interlock calibration

The ignition interlock device must be serviced anywhere from 30 to 60 days. But don’t worry, your device will always remind you several days in advance of your next service appointment. When the interlock device is serviced, the data in the interlock is downloaded and the device is checked to ensure it is properly working. If the vehicle is not taken to a service location within the allotted time, then the interlock device will not allow the vehicle to start and will show “Service Lockout” on its display.

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Car Repair With an Interlock Device

Is your vehicle in need of repairs? Your mechanic can still perform repairs and maintenance on your vehicle while your RoadGuard Interlock device is installed. Let your mechanic know you have an ignition interlock device on your vehicle and they will need to request an access code* to bypass breath testing. To request an access code, mechanics must complete the Access Code Request Form.

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* Access codes are dependent on state regulations. Before proceeding, you should check with your service technician to confirm if access codes are permitted in your state.

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