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So, you are required to get an ignition interlock device (IID) and wondering about the installation process? It can be nerve-wracking to go into the process blind, but there’s no need to worry about how your installation appointment will go! This article will give you the rundown on what to expect at your ignition interlock installation appointment.

Provided you select an interlock provider with a good reputation to install and service your ignition interlock device, the experience will be painless. The general installation process will be similar regardless of the interlock device you select, which is why opting for a reliable company rooted in trust and respect is essential to a positive experience.

What to Expect During Your Ignition Interlock Installation Appointment with RoadGuard Interlock

Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection

  • A qualified technician will inspect the car’s mechanics and electrical systems.
  • Please ensure your vehicle is in working order—including horn, battery, and all electrical systems.

Completion of Ignition Interlock Installation

  • Appointments could take one to three hours, depending on vehicle type.
  • The interlock is made up of two key elements:
    • The handset—a small device reminiscent of a mobile phone.
    • The relay module—a small box designed to remain out of sight under your dash.
    • A cord will connect the relay module and the handset.

Completion of Administrative Paperwork

  • Paperwork requirements vary by state.
  • Depending on your location, we may work with you to submit proof of installation to your monitoring authority.
  • In some cases, electronic notification is also possible.
  • In-house paperwork, fees, and housekeeping forms will also be covered and signed at this time.

Interlock Device Training

  • There’s no need to fret about details big or small when it comes to your ignition interlock device; our knowledgeable and courteous team will take the time to educate you about the device and answer any questions you may have.
  • Our devices are exceptionally easy to use.
    • There’s no need for humming, delays, or unusual breathing techniques with a RoadGuard Interlock device.
    • We offer a simple blow and suck model; once you start your car, all you have to do is blow in and suck back—you’ll be on the road within ten seconds!

Scheduling Your First Monthly Service Appointment

  • Ignition interlock devices require routine maintenance to ensure that they’re functioning properly.
  • You’ll need to get your device checked by our technicians monthly.
    • This allows device data to be downloaded.
    • Your device will also be checked to ensure that it measures alcohol levels correctly.
  • You can rest assured that in the event an appointment slips your mind, it won’t get past your interlock device!
    • Our devices will always remind you of upcoming service appointments a few days before they occur.
  • Maintenance appointments are crucial.
    • If you do not bring your vehicle to a service appointment within an allotted time frame, the interlock device will not allow your vehicle to start.

With qualified technicians and installation locations nationwide, we are here to support you every step of the way. Installation with RoadGuard Interlock is a cinch.

Our goals center around helping you regain your confidence and get back on the road, all while giving you the respect that you deserve. We have more than 20 years of experience providing reliable ignition interlock devices and services. Need to schedule your ignition interlock device installation? We have installation locations nationwide. Contact us today!


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